Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday

Happy Easter to all who celebrate. Later today I'll be going to the assisted living/memory care facility with a friend to have Easter lunch with my parents. Since my parents moved out of their home a few years ago holidays have changed vastly. I have five siblings and used to see them and their children most holidays. I rarely see them on holidays now. Big changes in life. I was never big on holidays before but now I miss the tradition of being with my family. Mom's cooking. Ham, potato salad, rolls. What are you doing today?

I did not finish the book, Antiques Roadkill, I mentioned in the previous post. It just didn't keep my interest and the tie in to 'vintage' just wasn't strong enough for me. I'm now reading The Language Of Flowers which I am enjoying although it is long and a bit slow. I am enjoying the tie in to the meanings of flowers and other plants.

I went thrifting yesterday and bought a ton of stuff. Our new weigh and pay was having 50% off of the regular rate which is $1.29. So yesterday was only 65 cents a pound. I find I take a lot more chances on questionable things when it is so cheap. I bought a couple of items I probably never would have purchased and am glad I did. They have sold previously (for other people) for a decent profit. The two items are fax paper and ribbon for I think a word processor or typewriter. Recently the ribbon cassettes sold for $31 for 2. I purchased 3 of them for less than a dollar. I love this weigh and pay. It seems like it has not been discovered by other resellers much. It's never chaotic or busy. Yesterday I was there for a couple of hours. At any one time there were probably 10 to 15 people in the store. Nothing like the Goodwill weigh and pays I read about. I love it!! I'm hoping it remains my own private hidey hole.

Hope your sales have been hopping :)

Sunday, March 20, 2016


I discovered a new genre of books to read (new for me). They are mysteries involving antique dealers. There are several series out there. I'm currently reading Antique Roadkill: A Trash n Treasures Mystery. By Barbara Allan. She has a series. How fun! I wish there was some fiction about pickers selling on ebay but so far I haven't found any. Maybe one of you out there will write the first :)

Have you noticed the new format on Pinterest? I have been pinning my ebay and etsy items to Pinterest for a while and I know I get traffic from them. I don't know if that turns into sales but I think the new format on Pinterest is better for items leading to a sale than it was before. Here is how it was before.

And how it is now. 

Do you pin your items to Pinterest? Do they get repinned? Do you think they lead to sales?

Lastly I went to an estate sale yesterday. They had hundreds of nice books. I purchased a few but was overwhelmed with how many there were. It was an hour before the end of the sale so I talked to the estate sale guy and said I'd like to make an offer on the remaining. He was favorable and said to call him Wednesday and gave me his card. I've never done anything like this before. Any advice? Have you ever purchased a lot of books? How much would you be willing to spend? They were mostly non fiction, hardcover. 

And a BOLO. Vintage Hallmark Baby's First Ornaments. Check out the completeds. My guess is people want to buy the ornament they remember from on their parents tree. I would never have guessed they go for this much.