Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Mystery Fabric

I went to a rummage sale this week. I think it was a hoarder sale. There were bags and boxes unpacked and tables full of stuff. Everything was sort of grimy and it seemed like maybe it was the daughter of whomever owned the house. Usually I don't like dirty but there was a lot of vintage fabric and she said I could fill a bag for $5. So I've been listing them today and have this cute piece that I can't figure out. I thought I'd see if my blogger pals could help. To me it looks kind of like Chinese lanterns but also kind of like robots. Or maybe it's just an abstract design.

Here are a couple others I've listed today. My Mom used to sew and she worked in a fabric shop for many years. I'm not much of a sewer but I like fabric and Project Runway!

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Where Oh Where Is That Link

I was going to create a sale in my store this morning and can't find the 'Manage My Store' link anywhere. It seems to have disappeared. Anyone else having this problem? The link is back! They must be reading my blog ;)

I've noticed a slight increase in sales activity this week. Several messages with questions or offers. I blocked someone this week from buying from me because she asked too many picky questions about a $10 item. I'm just too paranoid about defects to deal with people who seem like they might leave one. She only had 10 feedback as well. Normally I'm not this paranoid but the new defect rating has me looking over my shoulder a little more.

I'm bored with my usual 'best sales this week' posts so I thought I'd post a few current listings that are interesting or relevant.

I wish I had found this sweater before the fourth of july and had it listed. Unfortunately it was in one of my unlisted bins…grrr. Believe it or not, this is a men's sweater! It's vintage from Monty Wards. Do they exist anymore? Can you see your soul mate in this maybe with a pair of white poly pants and white shoes?

I've got it listed for $29.99

I've also been trying to ferret out unlisted Halloween or Christmas inventory and get it listed. I found some doll sweaters I have and a couple of ceramic Christmas trees. No lights…These trees can go for big bucks in the larger sizes. I've sold a couple smaller sizes but not found any of the larger. You can also buy the lights on ebay so if you find a tree with some missing lights you can complete it and get more money. I've seen some people selling themed sports trees. They put in lights of that teams colors like a packer tree with green and gold lights. Here are the completed listings for the trees

How are things in your store this week? 

Sunday, July 6, 2014

My Best Sales This Week

I went three days without a sale this week. Rarely do I go more than a day or maybe two without a sale. Stressed me out a little but I know others are going through the same thing so I just kept listing, listing, listing.

At the beginning of this year my goal was to reach 1000 listings in one year which would end at the end of December. Now I'm thinking it would be great to reach 1000 before then and take advantage of holiday shoppers. So my new goal is to try for 1000 by Oct 1st (ish). I just hit 800 so I have 200 to go in 3 months. Sounds doable but it took me 6 months to do 300 so I'm going to have to up my game. These slow sales will 'help'. Not that I hope for slow sales but I'm going to take advantage of the extra time and list more. So on to my best sales.

Harley Jacket. Paid $7 sold for $65 free shipping. This sat for quite a long time before someone finally purchased it. I took a Best Offer on it. 

New Balance Shoes. Paid $9. Took Best Offer for $40 plus shipping. Bought these for myself but they didn't fit. Too wide. 

Leaf Handkerchief. Paid .25. Sold for $19.99 free shipping. Isn't it pretty? I can't imagine blowing my nose with it. This was sitting unlisted forever with lots of other handkerchiefs I've bought. Finally listed most of them. Some in lots and a few singly. I've sold two lots and this single within a month. It pays to get that old unlisted inventory listed. Why oh why do I leave it sit? 

My motto to myself this week was found in the comments on the Scavenger Life blog. Steven S. said
"I thinks it's best to keep your head down and shovel that pile of inventory into the eBay furnace, keep that fire burnin'." Wonderful image. 

So if sales have been slow for you too this week, keep your head down and shovel!! Keep your chin up though, it'll get better. 

I'd also like to direct you to this post by Kimberly regarding ebays defect system.