Thursday, October 30, 2014

BOLO and a Tip

I have some vintage tablecloths I'm researching and while doing so I learned that the Wilendur brand of vintage tablecloths can be very lucrative. See completeds. I love the vintage tablecloths that have the colorful designs like cherries or florals. I've been picking them up one by one when I see them cheap to sell in a lot. See completeds for lot of vintage tablecloths. You can make a lot of money off them.

My tip is something I learned by accident this past week. Here it is. Sometimes I will list a particularly nice item in two categories IF the categories are both relevant, thinking that I'm increasing the number of people who will see the item. Well last week I learned that this can be a bad idea and work against you. I had a pair of Vintage Serengeti Drivers Sunglasses. I listed them in Mens Accessories and also in Vintage Accessories, at a good price with best offer.

I had them listed for a couple of months with no offers. One day I was looking to see where my listing was placed in among the other listings and couldn't find it! I looked and looked. Mens..Accessories...Sunglasses...Used...It wasn't there. When I searched in Mens Accessories Sunglasses Used there was only one page of listings coming up so I just couldn't understand why my listing wasn't showing up. Finally a few hours later in the day it dawned on me. Because I had also listed them in the Vintage Accessories category they were NOT showing up in the USED mens accessories. Why? Because they were in the Not Specified categary of mens accessories. What? you ask? Because 'vintage' does not have a Used/New catgegory and that was what the search defaulted to. I don't kjnow if it was because I picked that category first or if it always defaults there but that was why. I ended the listing, removed the Vintage category and relisted them just as used in the mens accessories where most of the other vintage Serengeti sunglasses were listed.  A couple of days later I had a sale.  Be careful when you list in multiple categories. One may influence the other in ways you're not aware of. I know this is kind of convoluted. I hope it makes sense!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

BOLO Flocked Animals

I have a soft spot in my heart for flocked animal figures. Probably because they were popular when I was a kid. As a kid though I didn't think they were anything special. A cheap souvenir to pick up on vacation. As I grew older though nostalgia kicked in. This past weekend I picked up a flocked doe at a bag sale (pictured below). Is he not the cutest? Mostly I picked it for myself as it doesn't look to be worth much but I researched it anyway 'cause you NEVER KNOW.  Look at some that are in recent completeds. I'll definitely BOLO this Kunstlerschutz brand. So I always pick flocked animals up if they are cheap and I have sold a few pieces but never found any worth a lot. I may start saving them instead of selling them....maybe the doe is the start of something :)

Do you remember flocked animals? Maybe a flocked easter bunny in your easter basket, a flocked deer that decorated your home during the holidays or maybe a flocked bobble head on the dash of your parents car?

In the spirit of Halloween I'm looking for scary movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime. What are a couple of your favorite scary movies old and newer? Some of mine…Tonight I'm trying out The Awakening on Netflix streaming.

The Omen
The Exorcist
The Blair Witch Project
Let the Right One In
The Birds
Carrie (I thought the new Carrie was pretty good too)
The Paranormal Movies

Monday, October 27, 2014

My Best Sales This Week

Sales have been picking up this past week after a very slow week the week before.  How are your sales this week?

Bailey's Irish Cream Cookie Jar. Paid $4. Sold for $54.99 plus shipping. This cookie jar even had some chips on the edge of the lid.

Vintage Pendleton Plaid Skirt. Paid $3. Sold for $39.99 plus shipping. Perfect for Christmas.

Double H Cowboy Boots. Paid $5. Sold for $40 best offer. Plus shipping.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Search for Religion

Lorraine at Clamco has written some very interesting posts lately about interesting items she's found. If you haven't yet read the series you should hop on over there. I was excited after reading the posts to add some of the items to my BOLO list and get out hunting. At my third thrift I finally found a vintage religious object. A holy water font. I remember as a kid having one of these in our hallway and then later I had one in my bedroom. Ours weren't this fancy. It cost 1.99 and I've got it listed for 29.99. I priced it at the high end of similar items but it is pretty cool. Thanks Lorraine for writing about your interesting religious finds. If anyone know which angel this is please let me know. I wonder if it would be a guardian angel. Completed Religious Objects. One thing about looking for vintage metal objects is there are so many 'fake antiques' out there from stores like Hobby Lobby, Pier 1 and other stores of their nature. Sometimes I'm not sure. I guess if it says made in China that's a good clue :) My holy water font has some good ole grime and oxidation on it so I'm sure it's true vintage. Are you ever fooled by faux vintage?

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Opted In to Managed Returns

Today I opted in to managed returns on ebay. I just wanted to make a record of that on my blog so I can kind of track how it goes. I'm hoping that doing what ebay wants me to do...will result in better sales. Yes, I'm feeling desperate lately. My sales have tanked this week.

Have you opted in to managed returns? How is it going? Any problems?

Friday, October 17, 2014

Scottish Kilts and Sales

Recently I wrote a blogpost about flannel shirts. The day after writing that post, I was eager to go on a flannel hunt. I went to two thrifts looking for some good flannel shirts. I did find a lot of flannel shirts and learned one brand that isn't worth much at all. You will see a bunch of this brand when you hunt flannels. That brand is Consensus, and no I didn't bring home any! They sell for about $5 on ebay. I didn't find any of the brands I was looking for but while sniffing out soft plaid items I did find two cool things that I wasn't looking for. What were they? I found a kilt and a vintage plaid wool jacket pictured below. I'm asking $29.99 for the jacket. I would ask $39.99 but I did find a small hole after I got it home.

I'm asking $120 or best offer for the kilt. It's ambitious but I'm starting high. I learned some interesting things while researching kilts. For instance the kilt pin which you see down near the bottom is not meant to go through multiple layers of fabric and hold them together it is just supposed to go through the top layer and weigh down that layer which is called the 'apron'. Some sellers have the name of the clan listed that the tartan represents. I learned there are thousands of possible combinations when looking at different tartans. Most are a combination of Red, Green, and Blue which mine is. This kilt is made in Scotland. Did you know ebay doesn't list Scotland in the pull down menu for country? I guess you have to use United Kingdom.

My sales have been really sparse the last few days. I've had three days with zero sales. I usually have at least one sale a day and never multiple days with no sales. It's disheartening but I continue to list and am tweaking listings as well to inspire some hope each day. I hate when my sales are so slow. I always imagine everyone else is selling lots of stuff and it's just me. So let me know in the comments if the last few days have been bad for you too!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

BOLO Flannel Shirts

image courtesy of Wikimedia

I was browsing through Urban Outfitters Fall online catalog looking for trends and noticed a ton of flannel shirts, women's and mens's. Popped on over to Ebay to look at the completeds and saw that you can make some good money on the right brands of flannels. I'll definitely be looking through the shirts for these next time I'm at the thrift store. The more common brands that garner the best money are......

J. Crew
Ralph Lauren
L.L. Bean
Lands End

I saw a lot of J. Crew and L.L. Bean going for $30+ dollars.

There are other brands that go for even more but I don't normally come across them very often. Those were:

True Religion
Free People

I love a nice flannel shirt myself. Maybe I'll pick up some for my own!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Best Sales This Week

Framed Crewel Piece. Free to me. Sold for 37.99 with Free Shipping. This was in the basement of a home I moved into about 30 years ago left there by the previous owners. I didn't really like it but kept it all this time (in my basement). Isn't it weird how we have stuff that is worth something to other people just laying around and we don't even know it. This could have easily ended up in a garage sale pile or a donate pile. 

Needlepoint Pillow. Again Free. A thrift shop that was going out of business was giving away a pillow with every purchase! This is the one I chose. Sold for 28.99 plus shipping. 

Mary Englebreit Cross Stitch Kit. Paid 2.00. Sold for 29.99 plus shipping. I just noticed a theme here. My best sales were all needlework related items. I would BOLO Mary Englebreit cross stitch kits. Check out completeds.

Some good sales but overall sales have been kind of slow this week compared to prior weeks. I've been listing every day but kind of lazy about it. Not really listing as much as I know I should be. Ebay was down for at least a couple of hours this week for me and other people. Were you affected by the outage?

Friday, October 10, 2014

One of My Pet Peeves

Why is this still allowed?

Do you see what I see or rather what I don't see? I know it isn't a huge thing in the scheme of all things but as a bookseller I see a lot of this. I thought ebay no longer allowed a listing to be completed without at least one picture. For many book titles they even provide a catalog picture. So this irks me. When I list something if I forget to load the pictures and hit submit I get a message saying I have to load at least one picture. There are only 3 listings in my picture, but out of 33 sellers selling this book 8 didn't have a picture!! What? So are these old listings that are good till canceled? Are these preferred sellers? I don't know if this just happens in books but that is where I see it. Have you noticed this? What are your pet peeves about other sellers 'practices'? Ah. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest. Now I can go list :) After seeing what it sells for I won't be listing THIS book.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Extended Holiday Returns

This week I signed up for Extended Holiday Returns on Ebay. This means for anything bought after November 1st and before December 31st a buyer can return the item through January 31st. 

There is a lot of grumbling around the net about the new policy. In order to retain Top Rated Seller Plus you must opt in. I decided to opt in because I want to keep my discounts as a Top Rated Seller and I don't normally get a lot of returns anyway. I'm hoping the policy won't be abused. I don't really see why it would be abused any more than a 30 day return policy. 

The other thing that cemented my decision is that Amazon has the same return policy. This isn't just some crazy ebay idea. Amazon's Holiday Return Policy States

So yeah. There was a link to opt in immediately in a message I recently received from ebay so I went ahead and did it right away. It won't show up in my listings until November 1st but I'm hoping that ebay will give a boost in Best Match to people who opt in (you can always hope). Another reason I decided to do it. 

What are your thoughts on Extended Holiday Returns? Have you are are you planning to opt in?

Saturday, October 4, 2014


I uploaded all of my ebay listings to Bonanza about 3 weeks ago and had my first sale today. Woohoo! I paid $1 for this tie and it sold for 29.99 with free shipping. It's a Ralph Marlin tie. They make a lot of novelty ties. You've probably seen some around. Some of them are hard to find and go for a bit of coin. See the completeds. Mine is Halloweenish (Dracula) so a great time of year for it. I like ties because they are easy to store and ship (very cheap to ship as well). I don't really have a good source but once in a while I find one or two worth taking a chance on. I see other bloggers who find very upscale ties to sell. I never find those. For me I either find vintage 'wide' 70s ties or vintage 'skinny' ties. I also sold a psychedelic wide tie recently. It sold for 17.99 plus shipping.

Have you joined Bonanza? If you have how has it gone for you? I have been a member for a couple of years but just recently (3 weeks ago) attempted to sell on it. I've also uploaded several listings to etsy. I'm diversifying as I know many other resellers are doing what with all the changes and uncertainty that being a reseller brings. I have also sent in a couple of boxes of books to Amazon for FBA. Previously I'd only sold books through Amazon as a merchant. I like the idea of sending the books in and having more room for inventory, even if it' means a smaller slice of the pie when something sells.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Go Retail

The trend has been waning and the ebay market saturated with ugly christmas sweaters. I think the fact that the retail market is now producing 'brand new' ugly christmas sweaters probably spells the end to the trend and to making much money off of them as a reseller. Are you still selling ugly christmas sweaters? how are the sales. See the links below for some of the retail market versions. I'm sure there will be more to come as we get closer to Christmas.

I still have a few left stagnating in my own store but haven't bought any for a couple of years now.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

BOLO Richard Simmons

New Amazon Prime Membership Perk

For you Amazon Prime members. Have you noticed the new perk? When you buy something on Amazon using Prime if you're giving the option to take slower shipping than the free 2 day. In return you get a dollar off of a e-book or a video rental. It's just a dollar but I think it's a nice incentive to price check Amazon when I'm buying something. Previously if something was the same price on Amazon and Ebay I'd usually buy from ebay wanting to support my fellow sellers. Now I'm just as likely to buy on Amazon and rack up some money off my occasional video rental fees. 

Speaking of video. Amazon has joined Netflix in producing their own series. I just finished watching the new series Transparent which is available free to Prime subscribers. I thought it was excellent. They load the entire season at once so you can binge watch. Problem is now I watched the entire series in three nights and I want more!!

BOLO Richard Simmons Deal a Meal

Paid a couple dollars. Sold for $39.99 plus shipping.