Monday, March 24, 2014

My Best Sales This Week

Although it only sold for 17.99 with free shipping this is one of my best sales this week because it was FREE! I plucked it out of a box of free stuff outside a thrift store I visited last Sunday. Selling something you got for free feels great! I was pretty sure it would sell because it's obscure. I've never even heard of plectrum banjo. 

I paid a couple dollars for this vintage designer tunic top and it sold for 37.99 with fs

Vintage Handmade Spool Cabinet. Paid 50 cents. Sold for 29.99 plus shipping.


  1. Gotta love it, obscure and free. Way to pick!!

  2. I know! This week I picked a roll of plain newsprint for packing out of their free pile. It's like the gods of picking are smiling on me.

  3. Free is the best!! Sometimes I feel like stuff I find for free sells better than the stuff I buy. I'm also impressed with the spool cabinet... I wouldn't have even noticed it in the thrift store. I have a lot to learn. :}

    1. I probably wouldn't have purchased the spool cabinet either if not for the fact that this thrift store was having a big moving sale and everything is CHEAP!! So I took a chance. I'm glad cause it paid off.