Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Best Sales This Week

I didn't really have 'big' sales this week individually but sales were UP! and it was a good week. Most of these items have been listed for a while and I didn't record how much I paid for them so I'll just list what they sold for. Not all sales are big but they add up. Although not big dollar I thought they were all interesting/fun sales. The kind of thing I like to pick up. 

Wallpaper Border sold for $17.99 free shipping.

Vintage Leather Coin Purses
Purchased for .75 and sold for 9.99 plus shipping

Italian Glass Pitcher. Sold for $27.95 free shipping

Vintage Snap Card Game. Sold for $13.99 free shipping.

Vintage Tape for Label Maker. Sold for $14.99 plus shipping.


  1. Love those coin purses and the SNAP card game. At the right price, I never pass up vintage games.

    1. The one coin purse was so soft! I would have kept it for myself if it didn't sell. I live in Racine Wi where Western Publishing used to be so I find quite a few vintage games and books that they put out. Brings back memories.

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