Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sales This Week

Sales were slower this week than the previous couple of weeks. I had a couple of higher dollar sales (not shown below) but not many. I think I'll focus the post this week on 'interesting' sales instead. These items all cost very little but most brought in $19.99. They also all were pretty easy storage and shipping and just things I find I'm attracted to when out thrifting even though I know they aren't going to bring in big bucks.

Packers Brett Favre Jersey. I live in Wisconsin so I come across lots of Packer apparel. Even though this is a Brett Favre Jersey who isn't with the Packers anymore and kind of unpopular it sold for $19.99 plus shipping. I paid $3 for it. If you live in a sports town don't bypass those vintagy shirts even if they are no longer relevant. I've sold quite a few old Packers things.

Tapestry Pillow Top. I just listed this yesterday and it sold same day. I paid a buck and sold it for $14.99. I have a few more with different scenes to list. I'm starting to get into looking at the fabrics when in the thrifts. I featured one in my last post that is a fun piece.

Vintage Pantyhose. I pick these up whenever I come across them. They can take a long time to sell but take up little space and always have cool graphics or pictures on the front. Paid $1 and sold for $19.99 free shipping.

Vintage Peanuts Pillow Case. Cool pillow case. Paid 50 cents. Sold for $19.99 plus shipping. I always look at the pillow cases if they are priced under a dollar and pick up vintage characters.

3000 piece puzzle. Paid $3 and sold for $19.99. It should be worth more as it's hard to find but it's opened and I couldn't guarantee the pieces were all there. It's the Garden of Eden. I don't buy puzzles anymore unless they are sealed.

Vintage Tupperware Measuring Spoons. Cost .25. Sold for $19.99 plus shipping. I always pick these up if they are in decent shape. Easy to store and ship and pretty popular. Same for the Vintage Tupperware Measuring Cups.

Vintage Paper Punch. I was going to keep this for myself until I saw that I could get $19.99 for it. Decided I don't need it. Paid 50 cents.


  1. love the paper punch! $20!!! I've been selling lots of "office" stuff lately. Thanks for the heads up on the Tupperware spoons too.

  2. What a fun and diverse group of sales. Never ceases to amaze me what people want and what they will pay for it. I'm really trying to imagine and am intrigued at what people would use vintage pantyhose for - wearing? (I imagine they would disintegrate or the fibers would be very weak) props? collecting?

  3. Wow, I love that tapestry pillow top. So beautiful. I also pick up vintage pantyhose. I just listed a whole bunch of them.