Saturday, October 17, 2015

What's Been Selling and Watch Your Punctuation!

Sales on ebay and etsy have been pretty good lately. Below are some recent sales from the last couple of weeks.

I can't remember how much I paid for these vintage hand knit stockings. I got them at an estate sale. I probably wouldn't have paid more than $3. Sold for $29.99 plus shipping.

I love this vintage silk tie. It reminded me of Tiki images and owls so I used both for keywords. I got this free at the end of the estate sale I wrote about recently where everything on the last day was free. It sold pretty quickly for $24.99 plus shipping. 

Vintage levels sell. I paid a couple of dollars for this Craftsman at an estate sale. One of the windows was broken. It sold for $24.99 plus shipping. It was a little tricky to pack but I frankened some boxes together and shipped it priority. 

You probably know this already as I'm not exactly up on new movies, but the new Star Wars movie comes out in December which is right around the corner. Make sure you have all of your Star Wars items listed. 

Lastly, I discovered some weird punctuation issue with ebay. I have a listing of a .925 sterling silver item. A friend discovered when he was looking at this type of item that because I had a period in the .925 my listing was not always showing up in search results depending on how he worded his search. We played around and tested out the theory and sure enough that period was kicking my listing out of certain searches. I'm really disappointed lately in some of the things I'm discovering about ebay's search. Recently I wrote another post about it as well. So be careful about using punctuation. If you feel you have to use it put it at the end of your listing title not in the middle. I feel it's best just to leave all punctuation out but found if it is was at the end it had the least affect. And certainly don't add punctuation just for looks. I see people adding *s and !s just for looks or affect. Not a good  idea :)

How have your sales been lately? Are they picking up after the summer doldrums?


  1. What about punctuation like dashes (T-Shirt) or inches (12")? It's always something isn't it?

    1. I'm not sure about - and " but I've been taking it out of my listings. When you do a search on ebay T Shirt is what automatically populates the search field so I figure that works. For inches I've started using in. I searched using that and it picks up listings whether they use " or in.

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  3. Things are definitely picking up. I haven't listed in a long time and things are steadily selling. Interesting about the punctuation..thanks for letting us know!