Monday, January 18, 2016

Coming Up

Here are some holidays and events coming up soon that may increase sales of certain items. Be aware of what's going on and keep an eye out for items that you can list. If you have these items unlisted in your death piles get them listed!Look at Pinterest to see what is trending and get ideas on what might sell. If I've missed any upcoming holiday/events put them in the comments, please! On with the post..

Mardi Gras. Look for items people may buy to wear in parades, parties. Face masks, beads, boas.

Valentine's Day is pretty obvious, right? 
Stuffed animals, things with hearts, jewelry, the colors red and pink. 

For Black History month I've sold related books. 
Think of items that teachers could buy to use in classrooms. Books, videos.

I've found in the past that green tshirts, jackets, ties, hats etc are popular items for St Patrick's Day. 
People like to go to parties and bars wearing a little green. 

The Super Bowl! For a while I was lucky with the Packers still in the playoffs. I have a lot of Packers merchandise. As of last weekend though they are out of the running. Keep track of the teams still in and list those items you have unless they are Patriots stuff (haha just kidding :)

Here is a website that lists the holidays for each month.

My sales have dropped off greatly this month. How are yours?

Images are all from pixabay. My favorite source for free images.


  1. I'm sorry you're not selling very much, but I'm glad you shared that because my sales have also greatly dropped off! I will probably not even net half of what I was making Sept-Dec! I'm going the whole night and sometimes most of the day without a sale. I am trying to stay positive--it gives me more time to list.

    1. I hope things improve for you soon. I've gone some days with zero sales on ebay. Between ebay and etsy I usually get something though.

  2. So far my best month since I started listing like mad in August! And only profiting a bit from warm winter stuff to wear (3 items), but I'm focussing on that though for new listings as long as it freezes here.

    1. That's cool. Glad you're having a good month!

  3. It's been slow the 2nd half of the month here too.