Friday, April 8, 2016

The Barometer That Left The Midwest And Went To Broadway

So consensus says it's not private information to divulge which play purchased my barometer. So……drumroll….Long Days Journey Into Night starring Jessica Lange!!

I've been browsing image searches hoping eventually to get a glimpse of the set and the barometer in it's big moment. Here it is below before it heard the call of the stage.

If you happen to be in New York and see the play you may see my piece. 

So have any of you ever seen this play? I haven't been to many plays and this is not one I've seen.  Here's some interesting information about the play. Gotta love Wikipedia. I see it's also been made into a film. Hmmm. Maybe I have seen it….I'll have to check it out either way. 

Well I looked all over and the only place I can find it is on Youtube unless I want to buy it. 

Sales have been picking up the last couple of weeks. Feels good to make some decent money and hear the cha ching of the phone more than once a day :) How have your sales been?


  1. That is very exciting! I would love them to buy some of my stuff!

  2. Very did you know it was them? Is that in the shipping info?

    1. They needed it by a specific day and told me that it was for the play which was opening in a couple of days.