Monday, September 29, 2014

The Halloween Rack - Not Just For Halloween Anymore

Just a quick tip this morning. Yesterday at the Goodwill they had several racks jam packed with Halloween costume clothing. Some items were traditional store bought costumes but many of the items on the racks were regular clothing items that make good halloween costumes i.e. sports jerseys, vintage clothes, wedding dresses. I found out last year that there are some great items set aside for these halloween racks that a picker may love to get their hands on for resale. Think seventies clothes, leather vests, camouflage, vintage clothing, loud artsy clothing. I bought the jacket below last year off the halloween rack. It was a very well made one of a kind jacket in great condition. Very artsy. It sold for $35 free shipping. I bought it after halloween when the rack was 75% off but this year I'll be picking through that rack pre halloween as well to see what hidden gems lie within.


  1. Last year before Halloween I picked up some army clothes in that section. My oldest son wore them as a costume and then I still sold them for $24.99 plus shipping.

    1. That's great Margaret! Free costume. I just remember I read somewhere that camouflage clothing sells to people who play paintball.