Thursday, November 13, 2014

Baby Ben Clocks by Westclox

I find these cute little Baby Ben clocks by Westclox fairly often. I think I've sold two and have two listed right now. I love their style. This morning I got a question through ebay messages asking if I knew the age of the clock. From it's appearance I thought it was 60s but I went searching the internet for some information to back me up before answering the potential buyer. I found this great site that I wanted to share with you in case you ever need to date Big Bens or Baby Bens. Interestingly my clock was made between 1979 and 2000. I didn't know they made them that recently. There are earlier models but this isn't one. I guess I should remove mid century modern from my title LOL. Previously one I sold was a mint green. It was really cute. The two I have now are off white. Hopefully the person interested in them will buy one or two..

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