Monday, November 3, 2014

My Ting and Motorola Photon Q Review

I originally heard about Ting a couple of years ago when I was looking at cell phones and plans. I went with a different provider at the time. Fast forward to present day. I was spending almost 90 dollars a month for my cell phone plan through ATT. I'm also paying for a land line. I'm one of those old school people who have a hard time getting rid of the land line. My cell phone was reaching the end of its life plus I was trying to cut some expenses. With Ting you pay according to what you use. Here are their rates. If you didn't use your phone at all you pay a flat $6 a month. I was paying way too much for the type of usage I had with ATT. I don't talk a lot on my phone. I don't text a lot. I don't use a huge amount of data for internet but I didn't want to NOT have it because I like the GPS feature and sometimes I will look something up for resale. Even that I don't use very much though because I like to be inconspicuous when I shop. So I was paying a lot for the least amount I could get. At the same time I was reading on Scavenger Life what Jay and Ryanne had to report on their recent experience with Ting. As phones go I have a difficult standard to meet. I want/need a real keyboard on my phone. Not all companies/plans offer a phone with this. I've tried phones without a keyboard. For a short time I had an iPhone. I just couldn't deal with it! I need a physical keyboard. The trend indicates that some day I will probably have to go without my keyboard. Sprint (which is what Ting uses) has a phone which I liked a Motorola Photon Q. I purchased it on ebay for $100. Knowing there was no contract I knew I could always sell the phone and go back to a more conventional plan if I didn't like it. Based on their maps of coverage I saw that I do not live in an area with optimal coverage. Ting uses Sprint satellites. But based on the price and the fact that Sprint offers a phone I was happy with (it has a keyboard) I decided it was worth a try. I've had my phone  for over a week. Porting my number and joining Ting was super easy. I've had no dropped calls which is what I was most afraid of. I love the phone. I'm very happy with Ting so far. I'm including my referral link in this post. If you decide to try Ting and use my referral link we each get $25. I used Jay and Ryannes link and I got $25 off of my first bill.

I haven't got my first Ting bill yet as it's just been a little over a week but I'm hoping to at least halve my cell phone bill. And did I say I love my new phone?

Ting referral link


  1. I wish I could get Ting, but my husband insists on AT&T because he says it is better for his job requirements. Good for you saving big?

    1. I was happy with ATT except for the cost. I've slowly whittled down from having them for phone, internet and tv to now just landline and internet. It's great that there are other options now.