Sunday, February 1, 2015

Another Mystery Buy

I purchased this praying hands metal wall hanging at an estate sale yesterday. I'm curious about the symbols in the right corner. Is anyone familiar with them? The plaque was made in West Germany. The people who lived in the house traveled a lot and the symbol looks sort of asian to me. I haven't googled the image yet but I did search on ebay using 'praying hands' and didn't find anything. Well a quick google image search and I did find it. I have to verify the info but it appears that is an 'A' over a 'D' for ALBRECHT D√úRER an artist who did a drawing called Praying Hands around 1508. Google is amazing! I'll update later with any more interesting information I find out. 


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    1. Thanks Lorraine. I thought the symbol in the corner was Chinese or Japanese writing. I was surprised to see it was A over D by a German no less. Listed today for $19.99 plus shipping. Hey! I just noticed your avatar! That is so cool. That is my favorite of the pictures too.