Friday, February 27, 2015

The Best Finds of Woolrich and Pendleton Wool Coats

I'd like to start doing some posts on items researched when I'm researching for myself either an item I'm selling or just something I want to know more about and posting some of the results for others to use when out hunting.

This week I was at a thrift that had coats 1/2 off. This thrift store prices their coats high so even at 1/2 off I was looking at $10 and $20. The coats I was most interested in were a couple of Woolrich coats and a Pendleton. I was there right before closing so I decided to leave them on the racks and research them when I got home. The results of my research are below.

For both brands prints are by far the most popular sellers and get the highest prices. Red and black buffalo print is good and southwest style/indian blanket are very popular. I'm glad I did this research because I don't think the coats I was looking at were worth spending so much. Two were solid color and one had a print but not a popular style. Keep your eye out for these. I imagine there will be lots of sales on coats with spring around the corner. I'm hoping to come across one of the southwest style. I love the bright bold colors.



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