Friday, August 28, 2015

Using My Inventory

Today I made a decision to start using some of my ebay/etsy inventory around my house. I have some of my own collections that these things fit into. See a picture of my tins. A few of these tins are listed and others are my collection that I started before I ever did ebay. Today I added the ones from my inventory. 

Lets face it. A lot of the things I gravitate toward and buy for resale are items that I like and appreciate in my own life. Why not display them when I can instead of sittin' um on a shelf surrounded by a bunch of other 'stuff'. Some aren't even listed yet. They are in the piles of death and despair.

I know the word curated is vastly overused but I guess that's kind of what I'm doing! It will help me feel like my home is not such a mess or that I live in a thrift shop. And now that I'm writing this post I just realized I can even use a picture of the display of these items in my listing. At least on etsy where buyers don't assume they get everything in the picture!

Do you use any of the things you have for sale in your store?


  1. Yep, I recently bought a vintage yogurt maker. I already had one, but am using this new one I bought too. It's ready to be listed, but will be sitting in my cabinet and being used by me until it sells. Home made yogurt is so much better and cheaper! :)

    1. I've never had home made yogurt. I'd like to try it sometime. I eat organic yogurt in my smoothies almost every day and love greek yogurt.

    2. Keep your eyes out for one at the thrifts. We see them quite often. It is so easy to make, super good and costs a fraction of store bought one. I make greek yogurt..but you can make any kind..depends on your starter. I buy some yogurt and add that to the milk and then use my homemade one as a starter.

    3. I had one and sold it a year ago. If I find one again I will keep it and try it out. Do you sweeten it? I've never been a fan of unsweetened yogurt. It wouldn't matter in my smoothies though because there is sugar in those with the fresh fruit. Do your kids like it too?