Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's Been Selling and Scavenger Books

Things were really slow this past week though I did see an increase in Etsy sales.

I sold:

A Wool Throw on Etsy for $19.99 plus shipping. Paid $3 for it but didn't realize until I got home that it had two large holes. I was still able to get a pretty good price for it though as a cutter.

I also sold another red bandana on ebay. Paid a buck or less and sold it on sale for $15.99 plus shipping. It has a cool sort of aztec pattern that was unusual. 

I sold another bandana on etsy. An Oshkosh BGosh. Probably paid a buck. Sold for 19.99 plus shipping. 

Edited to Add: As I promised Margaret (check out her blog!) in the comments I wanted to make a note about bandanas that have the elephant logo at the edge. Neither of my bandanas have one. Apparently if the trunk of the elephant is down vs. up the bandana is older and more valuable.  Check out this list of sold on ebay.

Below is a picture. It's probably kind of hard to see the trunk here but you can see where to look for the elephant if you look at bandanas. 

And lastly I sold some vintage Ray Ban Clip on Sunglasses. Paid $1 and they sold overnight for $29.99 plus shipping to Hong Kong. Glasses and sunglasses are a new thing for me to look for. I like them because they are small and light and easy to take pictures of. Goes the same for bandanas. 

Lastly I frequently think about my childhood and how it relates to my scavenger ways. This week my thoughts went back to books I read (I was a very avid reader) that had scavenger type characters. I've listed three below that I remembered LOVING. Do you remember any scavenger type characters in books or movies that you loved? If you or your children haven't read the books I mention they are both really good! (if I remember correctly) 

1. The Boxcar Children books. Especially when they first move into the boxcar and are setting up house.

2. From the Mixed - Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler. Two runaway kids live in a museum. 

3. The Little House on the Prairie series

Added by commenters

4. The Borrowers


  1. The Borrowers - I loved these books when I was younger (and have re-read them as an adult and still enjoyed them) they are the ultimate scavengers!

  2. I read Nancy Drew books when I was younger and I have a quite a collection of them now!

    1. Cool! Did you thrift your collection?? I read a lot of Nancy Drew too. I had an aunt who worked for the company that published them and she had a large collection so I would read them when I visited her.

  3. Wow Nancy, I had no idea that bandanas can go for that much. I'll have to keep my out out for cool ones. Just like and super easy to store. These items that you have on etsy, are they also on ebay? Just wanted to also mention that I've been looking at your store and your items look really great! Photography and all!

    1. Thank you for the compliment, Margaret! I have the normal insecurity about my store. Especially when things are slow.

      Most of the items I have on etsy are also on ebay and probably were on ebay first as that is where I had my first store. Now I usually put most of my newly listed vintage items on both ebay and etsy and hope they sell on etsy as the fees are quite a bit less. A few things I will post just on etsy. They are the items that aren't really worth putting on ebay because after fees I won't make more than a few dollars. Now I list those on etsy. Also some types of things get more views on etsy than on ebay. I don't know if it's because etsy is a smaller venue so your item has more chance to be noticed or if the buyer is different. I haven't really figured out which types of items do better on etsy but I have noticed it with a few things.

      There is something about the bandanas with elephants on them that I should have pointed out. I have to check ebay and remind myself and then I'll update the post with that info.

      I look at scarves too but I don't buy many. I see a lot I think are beautiful but don't know which are worth buying. The only ones I know to pick up are the Vera Neumann. Do you have certain scarves you always pick up?