Saturday, May 31, 2014

BOLO Vintage Retro Flip Clocks

If you are around my age you probably remember the sound of the flip clock as each number gently or loudly flipped to the next. If you were having trouble falling asleep the sound is guaranteed to painfully exaggerate your wakefulness.

Remember the movie Groundhog Day? Keep your eye open for the clock!

This type of clock can be found pretty frequently at estate sales and thrift stores and believe it or not can sometimes be worth a lot of money. Especially bright colors. If you see red, orange, pink you're got a winner.  Some have radios. Some glow in the dark or have lights. Check out the completeds on ebay

I have two of these type of clocks listed currently.  The first one pictured is missing one of its number pieces but still keeps time. It's only been listed a couple of days and already has a few watchers. It's a Copal. Made in Japan. My second is a Sony so it's worth quite a bit more.

So do keep your eye out for this sort of clock. They can usually be found pretty cheap. The unfortunate thing about the white is it often yellowed with age. I did some reading on whitening yellowed plastic but wasn't successful with mine. So they may need a little cleaning but are a popular seller and can sometimes be worth big bucks.

Here is a cool alternative to selling the flip clock you find. Check it out! I would like one of those.

Have you sold any of these clocks?


  1. I think I have one of these in my attic! I remember how it would squeak had the radio...I guess I should try to find it!

  2. Maybe you should! You might have the Groundhog day one or the Back to the Future one.

  3. Hubby and I were at a church rummage sale this saturday and I was just telling him about the vintage flip clocks..didn't score one, but I'm always looking for them.

    1. I hope you found some other good stuff at the church rummage. They are one of my favorite places to thrift.

    2. Yes, we did find some goodies. And got to visit a neighborhood we've never been to before. I love little adventures!

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