Thursday, May 29, 2014

Happy Day!

Yay! My goal was to reach 750 by the middle of the year as my end of year goal is 1000
and I started in January at 500 ish. So yay this morning I hit 750! 


  1. Woo hoo for you! I was up to 150, but a bunch of unsold items just ended today so I'll be back down in the mid 120's soon. Sigh.

  2. I love this experiment. Interested to see if your sales have gone up by year's end. Any issues with storing the larger inventory?

    1. Hi Jay :) No issues with storage because I had a LOT of unlisted inventory when I started my goal in January. I've also donated about 10 grocery bags full of things. I have a large workroom as well with 9 shelving units. I do still 'lose' things once in a while but I don't think it's gotten worse as my inventory has increased. It's forced me to be more organized because I HATE when I can't find something. That is so stressful.

  3. Congratulations! I'm up to about 150 listings and I'd like to have around 1000 by October! Got my work cut out for me! ~~Pam

  4. Thanks Pam. I think you'd have to list almost 10 items every day to do it. Can you do it!?

  5. Good for you Nancy! Awesome!

  6. You GO girl! We are doing about the same thing on listings. I am struggling to keep up my 800 listings, being distracted by doing summerish projects. Going on vacay next month. I hope to list 50 items per week but sometimes am a slacker.