Thursday, October 23, 2014

My Search for Religion

Lorraine at Clamco has written some very interesting posts lately about interesting items she's found. If you haven't yet read the series you should hop on over there. I was excited after reading the posts to add some of the items to my BOLO list and get out hunting. At my third thrift I finally found a vintage religious object. A holy water font. I remember as a kid having one of these in our hallway and then later I had one in my bedroom. Ours weren't this fancy. It cost 1.99 and I've got it listed for 29.99. I priced it at the high end of similar items but it is pretty cool. Thanks Lorraine for writing about your interesting religious finds. If anyone know which angel this is please let me know. I wonder if it would be a guardian angel. Completed Religious Objects. One thing about looking for vintage metal objects is there are so many 'fake antiques' out there from stores like Hobby Lobby, Pier 1 and other stores of their nature. Sometimes I'm not sure. I guess if it says made in China that's a good clue :) My holy water font has some good ole grime and oxidation on it so I'm sure it's true vintage. Are you ever fooled by faux vintage?

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