Thursday, October 30, 2014

BOLO and a Tip

I have some vintage tablecloths I'm researching and while doing so I learned that the Wilendur brand of vintage tablecloths can be very lucrative. See completeds. I love the vintage tablecloths that have the colorful designs like cherries or florals. I've been picking them up one by one when I see them cheap to sell in a lot. See completeds for lot of vintage tablecloths. You can make a lot of money off them.

My tip is something I learned by accident this past week. Here it is. Sometimes I will list a particularly nice item in two categories IF the categories are both relevant, thinking that I'm increasing the number of people who will see the item. Well last week I learned that this can be a bad idea and work against you. I had a pair of Vintage Serengeti Drivers Sunglasses. I listed them in Mens Accessories and also in Vintage Accessories, at a good price with best offer.

I had them listed for a couple of months with no offers. One day I was looking to see where my listing was placed in among the other listings and couldn't find it! I looked and looked. Mens..Accessories...Sunglasses...Used...It wasn't there. When I searched in Mens Accessories Sunglasses Used there was only one page of listings coming up so I just couldn't understand why my listing wasn't showing up. Finally a few hours later in the day it dawned on me. Because I had also listed them in the Vintage Accessories category they were NOT showing up in the USED mens accessories. Why? Because they were in the Not Specified categary of mens accessories. What? you ask? Because 'vintage' does not have a Used/New catgegory and that was what the search defaulted to. I don't kjnow if it was because I picked that category first or if it always defaults there but that was why. I ended the listing, removed the Vintage category and relisted them just as used in the mens accessories where most of the other vintage Serengeti sunglasses were listed.  A couple of days later I had a sale.  Be careful when you list in multiple categories. One may influence the other in ways you're not aware of. I know this is kind of convoluted. I hope it makes sense!


  1. Thanks for the tip. When I was listing some items in multiple categories previously, I did notice that they were definitely not moving any faster. I've ended most of them and re-listed in just one category.

    1. I agree Kim. I've been removing my 2nd categories too.

  2. Good tip Nancy, thanks for sharing!