Tuesday, October 28, 2014

BOLO Flocked Animals

I have a soft spot in my heart for flocked animal figures. Probably because they were popular when I was a kid. As a kid though I didn't think they were anything special. A cheap souvenir to pick up on vacation. As I grew older though nostalgia kicked in. This past weekend I picked up a flocked doe at a bag sale (pictured below). Is he not the cutest? Mostly I picked it for myself as it doesn't look to be worth much but I researched it anyway 'cause you NEVER KNOW.  Look at some that are in recent completeds. I'll definitely BOLO this Kunstlerschutz brand. So I always pick flocked animals up if they are cheap and I have sold a few pieces but never found any worth a lot. I may start saving them instead of selling them....maybe the doe is the start of something :)

Do you remember flocked animals? Maybe a flocked easter bunny in your easter basket, a flocked deer that decorated your home during the holidays or maybe a flocked bobble head on the dash of your parents car?

In the spirit of Halloween I'm looking for scary movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime. What are a couple of your favorite scary movies old and newer? Some of mine…Tonight I'm trying out The Awakening on Netflix streaming.

The Omen
The Exorcist
The Blair Witch Project
Let the Right One In
The Birds
Carrie (I thought the new Carrie was pretty good too)
The Paranormal Movies


  1. I have developed a recent love of flocked animals as well. A few months ago, I picked up a flocked bobble head dog and a flocked bobble head cat, same day, two different places. And Poltergeist is a personal favorite.

    1. Two bobble heads in one day? That's cool. Thanks for commenting! I like your name. At first I thought it said Purple Trucker. I was picturing those bobble heads in your purple truck.

  2. I've never looked at flocked animals, but I'll have to add it to my list. Of course, I'll never find really valuable ones, just cute ones I remember from childhood. I remember a flocked gray bunny bobble head that I picked out for my dad for Father's Day. It rode proudly on the dash for several years, until he lost his bobble, then he was sent to the back window.
    My family is trying to get me to see the movie Annabelle this Halloween, since that is my middle name, but it just seems too creepy. I love Alfred Hitchcock and Twilight Zone.

    1. I love that story Annabelle. And that movie looks seriously deranged. Let us know if you go. The movie I watched last night, The Awakening, turned out to be good. More spooky than outright scary but good with a twist.

  3. Seen all listed and liked them. I kept trying with The Awakening, it's a slow burn, couldn't get invested. Will try again. And love the flocked deer, it's perfection.

    1. I agree re: The Awakening. I sort of watched it ...stopped a while and did something else...watched some more....