Tuesday, October 14, 2014

BOLO Flannel Shirts

image courtesy of Wikimedia

I was browsing through Urban Outfitters Fall online catalog looking for trends and noticed a ton of flannel shirts, women's and mens's. Popped on over to Ebay to look at the completeds and saw that you can make some good money on the right brands of flannels. I'll definitely be looking through the shirts for these next time I'm at the thrift store. The more common brands that garner the best money are......

J. Crew
Ralph Lauren
L.L. Bean
Lands End

I saw a lot of J. Crew and L.L. Bean going for $30+ dollars.

There are other brands that go for even more but I don't normally come across them very often. Those were:

True Religion
Free People

I love a nice flannel shirt myself. Maybe I'll pick up some for my own!


  1. Agreed! I bought a Patagonia 100% organic cotton flannel shirt last week at a downsizing sale - thought it looked cool and would keep me warm. I looked up the solds and the same one I have sold for $50. I think I will list it - I can always stay warm in my good old crocheted afghan blanket.

  2. Great tip ! Thanks ! we don't currently have any flannel shirts in our store but I see them all the time, next time we are thrifting we will definitely be looking. On brands we never see, Anthropologie is top of the list and lululemon, never see that either.

    Another good one to look for is Brooks Brothers Polo shirts with the golden fleece logo on them. Fast solid sellers for 20+ dollars plus shipping.

    1. Thanks for the tip on the Brooks Brothers. I did my first flannel shirt hunt since I wrote this post. I didn't find any of the brands I was looking for but I did find a cool vintage wool flannel shirt/jacket and a plaid wool kilt. So just keeping my eye trained on the plaid flannel got me some cook picks. I also learned there are a TON of flannel shirts out there with the brand Consensus. It must be a walmart brand or something.

  3. Thanks for the tip on flannels! I love that plaid jacket that you wrote about today. I would think that would sell fast!

    1. I hope so! I wish it didn't have the hole. It would have been better without...We'll see. It's a really cool looking piece.