Sunday, November 24, 2013

Black Friday Coming Soon

Four more days to list before the biggest selling day of the year and the countdown to Christmas. I'm trying list as much as possible in the next few days so that I will have as much inventory in my store for the long weekend buying frenzy (hopefully). I've already been having much better sales the last couple of weeks so I'm hoping it continues to get better and better!

In other news I bought a big bag of Barbie and dollhouse furniture a while back and have been cleaning it up and getting it ready to list. I'm not sure why but I'm having so much trouble taking pictures of some of the pieces. The picture below is one example of the bad pics. I had great light.

Any advice? I took several pictures of this table and they were all blurry.

Speaking of pictures I'm looking into getting a new camera for my ebay photos. I currently use a Canon Power Shot which I have liked and used for a couple of years. I'd like to get better photos though. Any suggestions? What camera do you use?


  1. I do recommend an upgrade to an SLR, you won't look back. I answered you question on my blog post, I recommend the Canon Rebel, a good camera for beginners:

    Does your canon power shot have a macro feature? I believe that's normally represented by a tulip shape. Sometimes it helps to hold your camera back from the item and not so close to it as well, then crop for the unblurred close-up later. Most importantly, use a tripod or keep the camera completely still, camera movement causes blurring. Good luck! I have TONS to list before the deadline too, trying to get everything in this apartment in front of eyes, aaah!

  2. Thanks for the advice Van. My camera is the Canon Power Shot. It does have a macro button but you have to be within like 3" of your subject to use it. I am considering a Rebel so glad to hear that that is what you use. I think it is a step up from the Power Shot which I use.