Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thanksgiving Post

What am I thankful for this Thanksgiving? I'm thankful for my fellow reselling bloggers and forum members who share their knowledge. I've been reselling seriously for 3 years now and I have learned so much. I can't imagine what I'd have done without all the help I received along the way and still do to this day. I've learned the ins and outs of shipping, taking photos, buying, dealing with difficult customers and more. How to get out stains, wrinkles, marks on books...taking off stickers. The list goes on and on. So today I'm going to share a couple of my favorite tips with you readers and a picture of a listing I made today. I'd had the item for over a year and didn't know what it was. Some people at this facebook group helped me out in short order. It's a Pipe Jar. Who knew? You put your tobacco in there to keep it all pretty lookin'. So if you see such a thing its not just a decorative candy dish (yes, I thought maybe...). Here is a link to the listing. I'm asking a lot but I just don't know how much to list it for so I have high hopes.

Next a couple of my favorite tips I've learned from other resellers.

1. To get price stickers off of paper without damage use lighter fluid. Dip a cotton swab in the lighter fluid and wet the sticker edge. Let it sink in a few seconds and then start working the edge with the swab. Most will come right up.

2. Have clothing that has wrinkled from sitting in a bin too long before it got a picture? Use a spray bottle with water, a touch of vinegar, and a little hair conditioner. Spray it on the clothing and then fluff out the wrinkles. I love this one.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 


  1. That's a really interesting piece! Is it vintage? Does it have a maker's mark on the bottom?

  2. It is vintage. I'll put a link to the listing so you can see the marks on the bottom. I'm not sure if they just indicate a mold number or something more. I know very little about pottery and glassware. There are so many makers and eras. A person on the facebook group I linked to thought it was Majolica.