Thursday, November 21, 2013

Some BOLOs for the Holiday Season

There's not much time to shop for items to resell for Christmas but I thought I'd list a few BOLO (be on the lookout) for items that Christmas shoppers are shopping for. I'll still be picking them up if I find them for a good price. The first item I bought last year at the after Christmas sales at two thrifts. They are those plastic electric candles that people put in their windows. You can find them singly or candelabra style. They are also called candoliers. Something I didn't know before. I've sold two lots of in the last couple of days..within days of listing.  Some people sell them with the bulbs but I don't have enough of the right size bulbs so I sold them nekid. I did use my bulbs to test each one to make sure they all worked. I have one more set to list but the sun is behind clouds today so they are going to have to wait until I get some better light. I sold the first set of 8 pictured below for 14.99 plus shipping. I priced them lower because two of the bottoms had chips. The second set had two more candles and none chipped and it sold for 24.99 plus shipping. They are easy to ship. I just put them into poly mailers and then into a box. I think I got all of them for under 5.00 plus I still have one more set to list. So I think I'll make at least $65 dollars from that 5.00 purchase. The last set I'm going to ask a little more for since they are selling so fast.

Another item to keep on your radar are the little santa outfits for babys/toddlers. Mine sold for 19.95 w/ free shipping within days of listing. I imagine the little red velvet dresses and vest/pants would do well too. I think people want these for pictures on Christmas but don't want to pay full price for new when it will probably only be worn once for a few hours. What items are on your BOLO list for Christmas selling? 


  1. Those candles bring me back, my mom had those as a kid. She'd plug orange lights into them and they always fascinated me.

  2. That's cool Van :)

    We didn't have them but I always love during the holiday season to drive by a house at night and see those type of candles in the windows.