Monday, November 4, 2013

Zim's Nutcracker - Do you Know his Name?

I bought this nutcracker the other day at the goodwill. I could tell it was made well but I don’t know anything about nutcrackers and had never before seen an unpainted one. He was a little more than I like to spend on an unknown at $2.99 but I looked him up on my phone and saw that others of that brand can sell well. So I purchased him. When I got home I started doing research and found out that this company makes other wooden objects and has relatively recently started making nutcrackers. They have all sorts of fun characters. You can buy them in kits and decorate them yourself. The problem is after looking at all the listings on ebay, current and sold and pictures on Google I cannot place which character he or she is. Maybe it’s rare and worth lots of money! That’s always my dream scenario. He/she has a  long gown/dress so he’s not one of the nutcrackers with pants which it seems most have…it seems that most of them are men. so I listed him here and am hoping some kind collector of Zim nutcrackers will come along and put a name on him for me. Or maybe he's generic. Ready to become whomever the buyer decides him to be.

Buying for an eBay store brings you in contact with so many different objects that most people pass by. It opens little windows into so many different worlds that I never knew were out there. I like that part of the business. How about you? Do you find yourself buying things you don't know anything about or stick to the areas/niches you specialize in?

SOLD for $30 plus shipping

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