Monday, December 2, 2013

Parcel Select vs Priority

I don't know if it's just for top rated sellers or if everyone is getting it but I think everyone is getting a USPS shipping discount for the holiday season if postage is purchased through ebay?? So assuming this is the case..I've noticed lately that with the discount priority is usually significantly less than parcel select. In some cases by a couple of dollars or more. Something I just shipped was 2 dollars less when I checked priority. So when you go to ship your packages make sure you double check to see if there is a less expensive option.

I always offer parcel select in my listings which people often choose. On their end they don't see that I get a discount on priority so for them parcel select is a little cheaper. I feel a little guilty then to turn around and profit on shipping but they are then upgraded to a better shipping option...So anyway, make sure you check.

Sales have been good lately but this weekend was not what I hoped for out of the Black Friday weekend. And so far Cyber Monday has garnered only one sale.  Last week I had a $500 week which is awesome and what I want to achieve every week. I hope things pick up this week and I have another $500 week. Starting off slow though.

I really need to get listing. With Thanksgiving dinner, a movie and a coffee date I've spent more time playing when I should have been listing.

Below is an interesting little plate that I have not listed yet because I have very little information on it. If you can help please do. So far I've found out from a Facebook group that the front is in Latin and says 'they leave' or something similar. It's a small plate about 5" across. That's it for now. I hope your Black Friday sales were better than mine!!


  1. I had my best week yet for my first Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, they got up to $677.00. I listed my first eBay goods too which helped add $250 to that total that wouldn't be there if it was just Etsy sales. I am so exited to finally have some hard work pay off for Christmas! Good luck with keeping on top of all your sales.

  2. Good for you!! That's awesome.

  3. I was wondering why I was getting the discount. I'm not a top rated seller yet so maybe everybody is getting it if they ship by Priority mail. It has been less money in most cases. Sounds like you've been doing really well! I need to pick up the pace! ~~Pam

  4. Pam I've been reading your blog and you're been doing well too! I'm impressed by your ball jar sales.