Sunday, December 8, 2013

Best Sales This Week

Vintage Olympus Typewriter - I've sold 3 vintage typewriters in the past couple of years. The first one was damaged during shipping. I hadn't insured it so I had to give a partial refund. They are a pain to package up weighing about 20+ pounds but can be found pretty cheap and sold for a good profit. This one did take several months to sell. I almost discounted it last week for Black Friday and resisted and it sold this week for full price! $149.00.

Ladies Skechers Work Shoes - paid $15 for them and I thought they would be worth more but I still made a decent profit. Sold for $39.99

Haflinger Wool Slippers - bought these for myself a few years ago and only wore them a couple of times. Paid a lot of money for them because of the brand. Sold for $34.95 but spent hours picking my dogs white hairs out of the wool with a tweezers....just sitting around they'd gotten pretty hairy. So those are my top sales for the week. It was a pretty good week. 


  1. Typewriters are always a god sellers around Xmas time. I guess people buy them for the budding writers in their life. Don't mean to spam your blog, but we actually made a video where we demonstrated how we pack heavy vintage typewriters:

    Its definitely not fun, but you can't beat the profit.

  2. Hah! I watched your video for advice on packing up a typewriter when I first started listening to your podcasts. Thank Ryanne for that. She mentioned how much work it is and boy it is. You have to lift the typewriter so many times. But yeah. Great profit margin.