Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tweaking your Title

So I'm a big believer in the power of good keywords and the powers of tweaking. It seems like when I'm actively listing, printing postage or tweaking my listings I get a sale. It might just be coincidence but I figure that it doesn't hurt anything to be listing (good), printing postage (good) or tweaking...right? All good or harmless activities.

So this morning while I was tweaking I noticed something I haven't noticed before. I don't know if it is a new feature or just one I never looked at. If you go to one of your listings and scroll all the way to the bottom of the page you should see something similar to the pic below.

Where it says More to Explore is a list of related/suggested searches. When I looked closely at these suggestions it dawned on me that I should be looking at these also as suggested keywords for my title. After all, if the ebay search engine is throwing these out in relation to my listing then they must be connected...popular....good keywords for my product. Of course not always true.... but worth looking at. So I went through a few listings and checked the suggestions at the bottom. A couple of the listings I looked at had some good alternative keywords for my product that I hadn't thought of. I promptly revised a listing and added those suggested keywords. See the pictures below of the before and after.  I added the keyword "animal" Not a huge change but one that makes sense.

Title Before...

Title After..

While I was doing this I sold another item. Yeah! Which is the side benefit of tweaking.....At least in my superstitious heart but also I'm hoping I'm improving my title at the same time by adding keywords that ebay relates.

The other interesting thing I saw down at the bottom of my listing which I hadn't noticed before are suggested ebay guides. It was kind of interesting to see which guides were suggested and I actually saw some that I'd like to take a look at related to items I sell. So I might learn some things from ebay's suggestions as well.  Have you ever written any guides? I haven't but have thought of doing one. I just don't feel expert enough...

So these are just some things I noticed this morning while putzing around. It always takes me a while to really get to work in the morning but I try to at least be doing selling related putzing until I get to the real work LOL. This normally involves checking to see if I sold anything overnight. Checking my Pinterest board...checking my blog and the sidebar to see if any of the reselling blogs I follow have updated...etc etc. I can usually putz for an hour while I drink my first cup of coffee and get motivated to get out of my warm bed.

So I hope my theory works. I'll let you know in a later post whether I can tell or not...

Happy Sales to You :)


  1. I think that what you did with your title was really smart! I usually do a search on an item that I'm getting ready to sell and base my listing on the most successful completed sale by using their category and keywords. Hey, whatever works, right?

  2. I do a combination of things when I'm first coming up with my title including what you do. You are right. Whatever works. I hope your sales are going well!