Saturday, December 28, 2013

Best Sales this Week

I had 16 sales this week. I was reading the Ebay for Business Facebook Page and the question was asked "what is the highest number of sales you had in one day".  Some people were answering that they have gotten 50, 100, and MORE! sales in ONE DAY! And here I am with my 16 sales this week.... Better than none and I've had some weeks close to none so I'm not complaining. On to the best of the week.

The best sale was this vintage letter sweater. I got this for $2 at an estate sale on half price day. It sat waiting to be listed for at least 6 months. I do that a lot with things that seem like they will get a higher price. I need to stop that....I think it's perfectionism. I feel like the better items I need to research more..set the price perfectly so I procrastinate. Anyway...even with a broken zipper and a small hole it sold for $34.99 plus shipping.

Next up are these Muppet Ornaments. Got them in a big plastic bag of ornaments which cost $2 for the entire bag. One of these ornaments had the end broken off the skate but they sold fairly quickly for $19.99 plus shipping. Now the rest of the bag of ornaments are total profit. 

Last but not least I got these Amish salt and pepper shakers for $1. They are signed. Sold for $19.99 plus shipping. 

What were your best sales this week? Did you have good sales the week of Christmas or did things die down? 

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