Monday, December 16, 2013

Best Sales this Week

I bought this Morgan Silver Dollar belt buckle at a thrift store. It was on a belt and priced at $2. I sold the belt separately for 15 dollars and it sold pretty quickly. The belt buckle took quite a while to sell. I had it priced higher but finally took a decent best offer of $40 with free shipping.

I love buying weird plush if it's cheap. One thrift store I go to has a bin of free plush. I guess they get too many plush donations. I've gotten a couple things out of the free bin and sold them. This plush wasn't free but was weird and big...and cheap. It is called Togepi and is a Pokemon character. Something I didn't know until I did some research. I paid a couple dollars for him and he sold for $29.99 with stained feet. I washed him but his feet just wouldn't come clean. Here is is.

Next up is a Stratego game. I loved playing this game as a kid. This edition comes in a wood box that looks like a book. Alternate Versions of Stratego are good sellers.... check out completeds. Mine had a lot of wear to the box so I priced it quite a bit lower than the others that were listed. It sold pretty quickly for $24 plus shipping. Oh it was also missing one piece which I bought from another ebay seller for less than $2! How cool that you can do that. 

Good luck with your sales this week!


  1. I grew up playing the hell out of Pokemon, I was going to donate some of my Pokemon toys but had the feeling they'd sell well online. Gonna list 'em! I so wish I had my ones from that era, I had several that my brothers/nieces and nephews hijacked. Boo!

  2. I'm older and past the generation that grew up with Pokemon so they are very foreign to me. I know nothing about them. Luckily a lot of toys are marked with the brand. If they aren't though I'm clueless. Maybe you could do a blog post on Pokemon for us oldsters ;)