Thursday, October 24, 2013

Ebay's New Collections Feature

Ebay has added some new features recently. One that I'm wasting too much time on utilizing is the 'Collections' feature. It is similar to a Pinterest Board but you can only pin items from eBay. I've started a few collections. What I do is feature an item or two from my own store and then I add items from all over ebay to complete the theme of the collection. Below is a pic of one of my collections entitled Retro Pad. The latch hook wall hanging and bowls are from my store and other items are from around ebay. This is only part of that collection. See all of my collections here. If you follow a collection you get to see what items a person adds to their collections. If you follow the person you can see what new collections they start. I don't know if creating collections will help sell things or not. I've read opinions around the web on both sides, yea and nay. My thoughts are, it can't hurt (unless I waste too much time on them) and I figure if ebay wants to go that direction than maybe my participation will garner me a few gold stars. With ebay's mysterious system of who is in the black hole and who isn't I need all the help I can get. What about you? Are you creating collections? Do you look at other people's collections? Do you think ebay cares if you participate or not? I'd love for one of my collections to make it to ebay's featured Trending Collections. These collections show up right on the front ebay page....I'm not sure how you get there whether it's popularity or some ebay employee cherry picking the collections they think are cool. Either way it's a goal that would be cool to attain but for now I will forget about Collections and get back to the important daily goal. LIST and SELL!! List and Sell.

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