Friday, October 25, 2013

Walking Egg Cups - My Most Adorable Find This Month

I got these vintage egg cups for a measly $1.54. They were stuffed in a ziplock baggie behind some other things at the Salvation Army. I was surprised they weren't chipped seeing how they were stuffed carelessly in the bag. When you think of the pains we go to to ship delicate things it amazes me that those same things survive the treatment getting to and out of the store! With no further ado feast your eyes on their adorableness.

They have no makers marks. They look like Carlton Walking Ware but I think they aren't because it seems like all of the Carlton is marked. I had never heard of or seen the Carlton Walking Ware until I was researching my find. It is an adorable line of items introduced in the 70s.  Check out the listed on ebay.

I'm going to sell them singly. I think I can get more for them that way. I'd like to keep them for myself because they are so cute but I'll just enjoy them while I have them for sale.

Have you ever seen Walking Ware or unbranded pieces like mine? I'll definitely be keeping my eyes open for more whether it is the Carlton brand or no name.

Edited to add: I discovered upon closer inspection that one was broken and glued so I listed the three that were in excellent condition separately. 

SOLD for $42.60
I will miss them. They are so adorable. 

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