Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sales This Week and Door Colors

I had a spate of good sales last weekend which trickled down to just a couple this weekend. The good sales happened when I had a 'blue door' and the trickle when my door was red. If you haven't heard of or noticed your store door changing colors I can tell you that mine has been going from red to blue and back and forth for a couple of weeks now. There are other people talking about it on the boards. I heard that ebay said it's nothing. I have a hard time believing ebay would do something for no reason at all......a really hard time. So how about you? Have you noticed your door changing colors? Do you have any theories for why? I'll be watching my door a little more carefully now to see if I notice a change in sales when my door changes.

Here are a couple of my sales from the week. This first is a cute little Tommy Hilfiger snowsuit I bought at the thrift for $3. It sold for $23 to Lativia! I have read that snowsuits are a good seller so I've been keeping my eye out for nice ones. This is the first one I'd bought or sold. I think I did pretty well on it and it only took a couple of weeks to sell.

I also sold this vintage Rainbow Brite doll in one listing

and this set of small Rainbow Brite dolls in another listing.

Both sales within a few days of each other......weird. I paid just a couple of bucks for the pair of dolls and less for the large doll. The set sold for $28 and the large doll sold for $40 with free shipping. I'll be looking for more of these! Nice sales.


  1. Congrats on your blog and your sales! I like keeping things out of the landfills too!