Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Photo Editing with Clipping Magic

Another reseller turned me on to this photo editing tool called Clipping Magic.

I don't have the neatest work area or best setup for taking photos. Sometimes things show up in the background that don't belong there or my white backdrop looks you ever have this problem? In the past I've tried to find an easy free way to edit the background in my ebay photos. Well I can finally say I found one.

Clipping Magic is free and easy. It did take a little trial and error until I became comfortable with it but now that I am I love it. Let me show you a photo I did yesterday. This is my before photo. A large lot of video tapes. I wanted a solid background but the poster board I use just wasn't big enough...I didn't want to have to take multiple photos which would take more time..more photos to edit..So I uploaded this photo to Clipping Magic and in about 60 seconds......scroll down

I had this! Do you see how nicely it did the very uneven edge of the left stack?

So this is my new go to tool when I need to edit a background. I still use my other photo editing software to crop, lighten etc. I hope you try it out if you're in need of such a tool.

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  1. I am going to try this out! Thanks!
    Lisa @ Happy Girl Thrift