Thursday, October 10, 2013

Getting a Handle on the Piles

My goal right now is to get a handle on my inventory and reorganize my workspace which means I've put a stop on shopping for new inventory for about the last month. I've slipped up a couple of times but even then kept it to small items or smalls as they are called in the biz. I've done way to much buying the past three years. In those three years I've learned a lot! and now I want to change up my inventory but I've still got old inventory to list. Part of me wants to just get rid of it all but that would be so wasteful money-wise. I'm really starting to see a difference. More floor to walk on..less on my shelves. I'll get there but it's slow and I so want to shop!! I did make a stop at Goodwill the other day and left with nothing. That is a very rare event.

I picture a workspace all organized and easy to walk through. No piles that fall over if I accidentally brush up against them. All my tools in one area. Packing table clean. Desk with space on it for more than my laptop. And no overflow into the next room. Sounds wonderful doesn't it? So that's my goal each day. I'm especially motivated this week because I have a family member coming to stay overnight next week. People who don't resell don't get the mess....

I'm trying to put together creative 'lots' of things to move some items that have been around too long.So here is one of the lots I created. I had all of these items listed separately for a while and they weren't selling. I'm hoping I can sell them all in one sale.

Well back to work. Blogging can be a way of avoiding the mess too! 

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