Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Business Goals

Happy New Year!

These are my 2014 Business Goals. It's sort of a rough draft that I will be expanding/defining better as the days go by. Over the past year I've seen a lot of areas that I could improve on which would lead to better efficiency and I believe more profit. 

1. Double my profits/inventory - this means listing more than I sell every day. My goal is to list at least one more item each day than I sold the day before. By the end of the year, hopefully sooner, I will have doubled my inventory.

2. Organize my inventory. I need to have daily or at least weekly goals for this. I lose things too frequently, have some sort of record book...and my house is a mess. Daily goals could be to put away everything I've listed that day. Weekly goals could be to pick an area to reorganize.

3. List what I already have. This doesn't mean I shouldn't shop because I don't want to miss out on great finds.

4. Shop more frequently to look for special items. Take advantage of sale days at Goodwill.

5. Keep records/join Go Daddy Bookkeeping

6. Learn more about using my new camera

7. Start looking at estate sales and go to one a month

What are your goals for 2014?


  1. Sounds like good goals! I'd like to implement some of those myself! ~~Pam

    1. Happy New Year Pam :) Yes, implementing them is the hard part for me LOL. But I'm serious about them and my business so....must try hard.

  2. I was sure I already commented here? Oops, sorry if this is posted twice. I love your money goals and aim to set more of those, too. Also love your idea to go to more estate sales, I'm working out a way to schedule those.

  3. I've always been a little intimidated by estate sales because of my assumption that that is where the 'experts' are. Both the shoppers and the people that run the sales. I need to get over that so I'm setting a goal to just go to one a month. Hey! I'm an expert too :)

    I have very specific money goals. I left the "regular" job world a couple of years ago and I want reselling to meet my financial needs. I've slowly built up my inventory and this year I want to meet that goal. I think I can but it is still scary.

  4. These are great goals for your business. In my opinion, being organized is always the key to have a good flow of business, particularly on the financial part, just to make sure everything on your inventory, records, and bills are well-prepared.

    Angel @

  5. It’s really best to set good goals and plans for our business, so that you'll be motivated all throughout the year. Clearly, you want to concentrate more on your inventory and bookkeeping section. Which is great, as that is really the part of business that is challenging. Good luck!

    Gene Chandler @ On-Core Bookkeeping Services