Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Last Weeks Great Shopping Trip

I went to Salvation Army last week and had a great buying day. I took the advise of the Ebay Entrepreneur and went soon after the new year started to catch the late December 2013 donations that people were giving at the end of the year to get tax breaks. I think his advise was good because I had a great shopping day.

I haven't taken pictures of it yet but I found my first Eileen Fisher piece of clothing. On top of it being Eileen Fisher its a wool/cashmere blend jacket in beautiful condition. I'm going to auction it this weekend instead of listing it as fixed price which is my usual way. There were only a couple of the same jacket in completed sales and both were auctioned. One went for $188 and the other for over $300. Can you guess which price I'm aiming for ;) If you don't already BOLO Eileen Fisher clothing.

Some of the other great finds from the day were a pair of Mens Boots by Double H. I don't usually sell shoes but I've had great luck with boots especially cowboy boots.

I found a wooden bird call made in Poland which sold within a couple of hours of listing. I maybe should have asked for more but I couldn't find any examples of this brand of call....At the same time I bought a Loon whistle/call which I haven't photographed yet. 

This vintage fringed vest bought in the same trip isn't in the best shape. It really needs to be cleaned. But I never pass on a fringed leather vest or jacket. Check completeds and definitely BOLO those. The longer the fringe the more they sell for!

Some of the other finds from that day that I'm excited to list are a Redmon Picnic Basket, a Lord of the Rings Monopoly Game and an original oil painting. I also bought my sister a cute jacket like new from Chicos, a Columbia jacket for my Mom and a jacket for myself. I got quite a few more things and only spent $50! It barely all fit in the cart. Definitely a great shopping trip. 

Unfortunately the last few days I've had the flu and have done very little listing. I'm anxious to get all of these treasures listed but it's going to have to wait. 


  1. Wow! I had no idea about the fringed garments! I will definitely be on the lookout for them! I hope you're feeling better! ~~Pam

  2. Thanks Pam :) I hope everyone gets their flu shots. Even if you get one, which I always do, you can still get the flu but the chances are much lower. Lucky me. I've been reading while lying in bed these last couple of days that the swine flu is back this year and making itself known especially in the southern states. I'm not sure which I have but it's been hanging on for five days now. I get up for an hour and then have to go back to bed. I got my shipping done today, 4 items, and listed 1 item. I forgot to mention fringed purses too.

  3. Love the foots and fringe! Wish I could find more hippie clothes like that around here, never see it! :D

  4. They are pretty scarce here too. The boots were missing a price at the thrift and I was afraid they'd put a big price tag on them when I asked. But it was my lucky shopping day. They marked them $5.09. They have weird prices there. Hah.