Wednesday, January 15, 2014

NWT NOS Vintage

There is a market for vintage. So what about the market for vintage that is NWT. New with tags. Also called NOS or New Old Stock. New old stock can be any type of item. Sometimes NOS can be pristine and sometimes show a lot of shelfwear even though it is NEW. I found a coat this week at a thrift that was Vintage NWT or NOS. A vintage coat that had never been worn. Still had the tags.  Did it come from a store or from someones estate, an item that they never used? I love when I find NOS. I think these NOS items are even more desirable because besides being vintage style they have never been used. How much do you think that raises the price over 'just vintage'? I guess it depends on the item and how collectible it is.  Here is my listing. I priced it double what the completed sales of the same type of item cost that wasn't NWT. Do you find many NOS? How do you list/market those items differently than you do just plain vintage? Do you have sources for finding NOS?


  1. I don't find Vintage NOS very often. When I do I list on ebay but I do price higher than I would if it were just regular vintage. For example, I found a vintage dressing gown, with the original tags, at an estate sale. I was excited because the original tag was $186 from Bloomingdale's in NYC. But the cashier at the estate sale dropped the white dressing gown on the muddy garage floor and I had to launder it before listing. I explained it all in the listing but I had to lower my expectations and price.I eventually received my asking price of $125.If I had been able to list a clean dressing gown I was going to list for $150 because of the name brand and quality. Right now the only source for vintage NOS is "just lucky to find it" which is not a very reliable source!!

  2. Wow. Good sale! I would have wanted to smack that cashier though.

  3. It's also called Deadstock, FYI!

  4. Good point Wildthing. I have to remember that for keywords. :)

  5. Just found your blog. Love it! In all my years of reselling, or thrifting for that matter (since childhood, thanks mom;)) I've found very little. Sadly, what I have found has never been a hit. Years ago I found a relatively large "deadstock" lot of levi's cords with tags and they sold for a very "eh" price. That one still makes me shake my head. Timing maybe. I don't know, I don't have much luck with it.

    1. Thanks for commenting and liking my blog :) You'd think Levis deadstock would be golden, hey? I'd love to come across a lot of some good selling deadstock. I've only found it piecemeal and infrequently.