Sunday, January 19, 2014

My Best Sales This Week

The vintage fringe vest that I mentioned in a previous post. Sold for 29.95 plus shipping.  Remember to BOLO all vintage leather fringe items.

A Jansport backpack for 29.95 plus shipping. I read somewhere to BOLO Jansport backpacks. After I picked up this one and researched them I saw that Black seems to be a good seller. It was easy to ship too. I just wrapped it in some paper and then put it in a poly mailer. 

and a Norman Rockwell figurine which sold for 24.95 plus shipping

I've stayed on course with my 2014 plan to each day list as many things as I sold the day before and then at least one more. Some days when sales were slow the day before I listed more than my minimum goal. It's nice to have a goal instead of an open ended 'list as much as you can each day'. I sold two items yesterday so my goal today is to list at least 3.  How are you all doing with your 2014 business goals? Let us know in the comments. 

Also I thought I'd make a list of some good blog posts articles from the week.

This blog post and the comments from Thrift Core were a wealth of info on what sells. Don't skip the comments!

This podcast from Ebay Scavengers and the comment section spoke to some of my fears. There are some days the doubts and fears are bigger than others. It's nice to know you're not alone.

And on the Ebay Life Blog a reminder that a new show called Thrift Hunters is starting on Spike TV January 18th. I have Roku and don't know if I get that channel. I'll have to check if it's available to watch online too. It is available to watch online

Have a great sales week everyone!


  1. Great sales! I had heard about the Jansport backpacks selling, but i haven't come across any thrifting yet. I will be on the look out, though. That Norman Rockwell figurine is so cool!

  2. Yes he sat around for a long time before I listed him. I'm trying to dig in (literally) and get all the stuff listed that I already have.