Monday, January 6, 2014

Best Sales this Week and a Product Review

I had some good sales this week. One item had been listed for at least 2 years. I thought it might never sell. It was a vintage designer gown that still had the tags on it. Someone purchased it two days before New Years and had it overnighted so I'm wondering if it was their New Years Eve dress. I paid about $8 for it and it sold for $85.  I'm so glad it finally sold and hope they were happy with it.

My other awesome sale this week was a shocker. I went to Salvation Army the day after Christmas to shop their 50% off Christmas sale. I like to sell vintage and collectable holiday items. I purchased this Cartoon Network Top Cat ornament for 50 cents. I'm not hip on cartoons and didn't recognize the character but since it was Cartoon Network I figured it was worth at least $10. I always check completeds before I list something because you just never know. I've read plenty of sellers say after something sold for a lot more than they thought..."I wish I had checked completeds before I listed it". My advice is always check completeds even for something you think could never be worth much. So I checked completeds and I couldn't believe the only one I saw had sold for $100+ dollars. This was before Christmas so I figured I might not get as much after Christmas for a Christmas ornament but it was obviously collectable. A plastic ornament! When I went to list mine there weren't any listed so that was good. I don't use auctions often but I decided to auction it off. I started it at $49 knowing that I wanted at least that. It sold for $50. Only two bids. Oh well. I was still thrilled.  Definitely a BOLO.

Now for my product recommendation. I'm not getting compensated in any way for this review. I already own one of these and love it.  It is a Skil Chargeable Cardboard Cutter. I use it all of the time for cutting cardboard either to resize a box or to cut some cardboard to use for protection on breakable items. It is so much easier than using a box cutter. I've had mine for a couple of years now and it still works as well as ever. I couldn't do without it now. The other thing I like about it is that I don't often have a clear work surface to cut boxes so to find a spot to lay down a piece of cardboard and cut it with a box cutter is hard. With this SKIL I hold the piece of cardboard in front of me and zip I'm done. I got mine on Amazon. 

Hope you have great sales this week. 


  1. I have one of those type of cutters too. I got it when It y sold scrapbook paper to cut my own cardboard mailers. So easy! Has also come in handy for craft projects- like the 100 Lewis and Clark themed cardboard cutouts I made to decorate family fun night at my elementary school.

  2. Melissa great point. It's good for cutting lots of things. I sometimes use it for cutting paper or bubble wrap. It's just so fast. Man I don't envy you having to cut out 100 Lewis and Clark cutouts ;)

  3. Great tool! I never knew it existed. I'll keep my eye out for one next time I'm at Home Depot. Nice flip on the Top Cat ornament!