Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Best Sales this Week

I had the flu all week this week so I didn't get much listing done but I did have some sales. Yeah! It was as much as I could do to just get the shipping done. I feel better now so I can get listing. My best sales this week were:

This letter jacket. Paid a couple of dollars for it and sold it for 28.49 plus shipping

This duck call. It sold within a couple of hours of listing it. Paid under a dollar and sold for 20 plus shipping

And this vintage camera lens. Paid 2 dollars and sold to someone in Singapore for 23.95 plus shipping.

I didn't meet my goal/resolution this week to list at least one item more than I sold each day but I started fresh two days ago and so far have met the goal. At least while I was sick profits continued to come in. Thanks to my faithful mail man picking up my packages I didn't have to leave the house while I was ill. And I didn't have to make that dreaded calling in sick call that we all hated to make. 

How are your goals for 2014 shaping up so far this year? 

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